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Jeannie Reynolds – One Wish – EXCDM 39

Jeannie Reynolds – One Wish – EXCDM 39


November 28th, 2012


Track Listing:

1. Come My Way
2. Be Someone
3. I Know I’ll Always Be In Love With You
4. I’m Hooked On You
5. Sexy Man
6. I Don’t Want To Be Second Best
7. Don’t Make A Fool Of Me
8. Guide Me Well
9. The Phone’s Been Jumping All Day
10. Unwanted Company
11. Lay Some Loving On Me
12. Love Don’t Come Easy For Me


Expansion proudly presents on CD for the first time, a true mid 70s lost soul gem from the vaults of Casablanca Records. Jeannie’s voice has been compared to such greats as Gladys Knight and Tina Turner, and her tragic story left a legacy of only two albums, “One Wish” being the second and released in 1977. Jeannie was the sister of Detroit soul star L.J. Reynolds who predominantly composed and produced songs on “One Wish” during his time with The Dramatics, and the group’s producer Don Davis was also at work here too. The album has so many highlights it’s hard to know where to start. There’s the soul drenched power ballad “I’m Hooked On You”, a song later recorded by The Dramatics themselves, and much later sampled by The Prodigy on “Stuck On You”. There is further drama in the gospel styled production of the Hayes/Porter song “Guide Me Well” and the show tune flavoured “I Know I’ll Always be In Love With You”, both with so much soul alongside the funk elsewhere on the album and the masterpiece many have collected this album on vinyl for over the years, “I Don’t Want To Be Second Best”. Bonus tracks include four sides from two 7” singles, all non-album tracks and including her biggest commercial hit “The Phone’s Been Jumping All Day”. This is all quality soul from the post Motown, pre-disco period of innovative and lavishly produced music.

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