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Ronnie Dyson – Love in All Flavors/The More You Do It – EXP2CD21

Ronnie Dyson – Love in All Flavors/The More You Do It – EXP2CD21


November 28th, 2012


Track listing:
1. I Want To Be Where You Are
2. Ain’t Nothing Wrong
3. Don’t Be Afraid
4. I Just Want To Be There
5. No Way
6. Sara Smile
7. Just As You Are
8. I Can’t Believe That
9. You’re Number One
10. A Song For You
11. Close To You
12. The More You Do It (The More I Like It)
13. You Set My Spirits Free
14. You And Me
15. Love Won’t Let Me Wait
16. Lovin’ Feelin’
17. Won’t You Come Stay With Me
18. Jive Talkin’

PROFILE: Ronnie Dyson was a Broadway star before making records. He was born in Washington D.C., but grew up in New York, taking to the stage in 1960s and ultimately voicing one of the decade’s best known show tunes “Aquarius”. He was just 18 when he joined the cast of “Hair” with a lead role in the show. Ronnie also featured in a movie “Putney Swope” in 1969 before signing to Columbia Records the following year. The albums we present here were Ronnie’s third and fourth for the label and represent the complete set of songs recorded by the artist produced by Chuck Jackson and Marvin Yancy. The style was a departure from what Ronnie had recorded previously but similar to the sound the producers had brought to hits for Natalie Cole. Listen to Natalie’s song “This Will Be” from 1975 and compare with Ronnie’s single “Close To You” in 1976, the year in fact that Marvin Yancy married Natalie Cole. Lush arrangements by Gene Page and Richard Evans determine this music definitive luxury soul, There’s also some incredible 70s soul music here that’s been preserved from the original master tapes and brought on CD for the first time.

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