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Kinsman Dazz – Kinsman Dazz/Dazz – EXP2CD12

Kinsman Dazz – Kinsman Dazz/Dazz – EXP2CD12


November 28th, 2012


Track Listing:

1. Saturday Night
2. Get Down With The Feelin’
3. I Might As Well Forget About Lovin’ You
4. Makin’ Music
5. Dazzberry Jam
6. And I Mean
7. (Don’t Want To) Stand In Your Way
8. Name That Tune
9. In My Life
10. Dancin’ Free
11. I Searched Around
12. Love Design
13. Keep On Rockin’
14. Catchin’ Up On Love
15. Can’t Get Enough

The Kinsman Dazz story begins in 1971 with Bobby Harris putting his first group together in Cleveland, Ohio. They were called Bell Telephunk and played jazz before merging with another local band Mother Braintree and began to incorporate vocals and more danceable grooves. Together they became Kinsman Dazz, taking the word ‘Kinsman’ from the name of a grill and bar where they worked as a house band. ‘Dazz’ comes from a mélange of the words ‘dance’ and ‘jazz’, danceable jazz, and inspired the hit “Dazz (Disco Jazz)” for the band Brick in 1976.
In 1978 Kinsman Dazz signed to the 20th Century Records label in Los Angeles and Philip Bailey from Earth Wind & Fire was requested by Bobby Harris to be on the production team. With Bailey came other members of EW&F Ralph Johnson, Don Myrick, Rahmlee and Carl Carlwell who enhanced the horns and vocal arrangements while strings were taken care of by Patrice Rushen on their self titled debut LP. The single was the two stepper “I Might As Well Forget About Loving You”
Philip Bailey continued to arrange vocals on the follow up album “Dazz” which was the last of Kinsmann Dazz before 20th Century Records closed and the group changed their name to The Dazz Band and signed to Motown.

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