Lamont Dozier – The ABC Years and Lost Sessions – CDEXCL1


April 25th, 2011


Price: £12.50

Track listing:

1. Breaking Out All Over
2. Don’t Want Nobody To Come Between Us
3. Let Me Make Love To You
4. Fish Ain’t Bitin’
5. Interlude
6. Trying To Hold On To My Woman
7. Take Off Your Make-Up
8. Out Here On My Own
9. Let Me Start Tonite
10. Shine
11. All Cried Out
12. Put Out My Fire
13. Thank You For The Dream
14. I’ll Keep A Light In The Window
15. Something To Fall Back On
16. Walks All Over Me
17. Prophecy


Born in Detroit, Michigan, Lamont Dozier has been responsible as a producer,
writer, arranger and performer for many of our all time favourite songs as the
main writer at Motown in the 60s with brothers Eddie and Brian Holland. Lamont
created countless hits for Berry Gordy’s empire, from ‘Where Did Our Love
Go’, ‘Stop! In The Name of Love’, and ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’
for The Supremes to ‘Reach Out ‘I’ll Be There’ and ‘I Can’t
Help Myself’ for The Four Tops.

When Lamont left Motown, he helped form Invictus where the anthemic ‘Why
Can’t We Be Lovers’ proved what an accomplished vocalist he really is,
and set the standard for the ABC sessions which we now present you.

This Expansion collection contains the highlights from two great albums ‘Out

Here On My Own’ (1973) and ‘Black Bach’ (1974). Both these albums
have sublime productions lavished on the songs courtesy of arrangers Paul Riser,
Gene Page, H.B. Barnum and mixing engineers Reggie Dozier (brother) and the
super talented and sorely missed Barney Perkins.

To make the project complete, we’ve added four exclusive, previously unreleased
Lamont Dozier tracks from the mysterious ‘shelved’ third album ‘Prophecy’,
which was pulled from release at the last minute. I’m sure all Lamont’s legion
of fans will enjoy these ‘new’ performances ‘Prophecy’ (later cut
on Betty Everett and Margie Joseph), ‘Something To Fall Back On’ (also
recorded by Ms. Joseph), ‘She Walks All Over Me’ and ‘I’ll Keep
A Light On’ – each one a top notch classic piece of soul.

Lamont Dozier’s music crosses all boundaries and appears to lovers of good

music of all ages around the world. We at Expansion are proud to be associated
with this project and feel sure it will give you years of pleasure. Play it
from start to finish, and then play it over again…and again. Lamont Dozier
and his brand of high sophistication soul will live with us forever.

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