Jean Carne – Collaborations – CDEXCL2


April 25th, 2011


Price: £12.50

Track listing:

1. I’m Back For More
2. Let’s Stay Together
3. Keep In Touch
4. Star Flower
5. Love Is Beautiful (When It’s Right)
6. You Might Be Suprised
7. Holdin’ On
8. Night Breeze
9. Valentine Love
10. Dindi
11. If You Don’t Know Me By Now
12. Dreams Of Tomorrow
13. Mother Of The Future
14. The Look Of Love
15. Good Thing Goin’ On
16. Lean On Me
17. Trust Me


Critics have long been in awe of the many talents of Jean Carne since her early
recordings with Earth, Wind and Fire in the mid seventies. Her voice is many things
to many different people and has been described as an aching, passionate midnight
piano sonata with a melody so intensely beautiful, that it could well take one’s
breath away.

If you have ever been graced with the opportunity to witness Jean Carne perform
live, it’s easy to determine just what it is that sets her apart from the rest
of the pack. Along with her incomparable annunciation, articulation and ability
to convey a love story like no other, her vocal stylings have always managed
to mesmerize and captivate audiences the world over. Truly an effortless thing
to achieve when you possess a voice of five octaves that has been known to melt
even the coldest heart or envelope you like a Paris rain falling on a warm summer’s

With nine albums under her belt, this compilation delves into some of Jean
most comprehensive, yet seldom heard collaborations, with a who’s who list of
all-stars to accompany her. Roy Ayers, Billy Paul, Grover Washington Jr. and
The Temptations, just to name a few. She’s been quoted as saying ‘It’s
just as important to me, as it is to the other artist’s musical resume, that
we are able to do this together. We both need one another’. Since the change
of audio format, from vinyl records to compact discs, most of these recordings
have not been easy to obtain on CD and have lacked the recognition and enjoyment
they so rightfully deserve. Through the courtesy of Expansion Records these
once hard-to-find gems have been digitally remastered and compiled together
for this very unique collection. Some titles of which are appearing on CD for
the first time ever.

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